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Best Laptop for Vlogging IN 2021 | Your Laptop Guide

You might have been looking for a cool and all-in-one tool that can handle tasks in bulk. Creating content, editing it, and finally to upload it with a great thumbnail is indeed a task. Having the right products make the task easier even if you don’t have much time.

Well, you can easily go and buy any laptop, but it may not be supporting your editing software or have storage issues. Thus, I will recommend you to search in detail for the best one and then buy it. To ease your worries, this article is here to help you out. 

Well, I will also suggest you mind the details, including processors, display, graphics, battery life, and of course the built-in memory. It is because many laptops are made solely for editing purposes and offer portability as well. 

I’ve researched various devices so that it will be easier for you to find out the best laptop for vlogging while keeping the budget in mind. Let us figure out the details of each one of them, such that you will be aware of the next purchase yours.

1.New Apple MacBook Pro 

Apple has launched its new MacBook Pro and everyone is already giving it five stars. What I enjoyed the most about this laptop is that it offers you to install software that is concerned with professional editing and content creation. Thus, it could be your go-to option.

You can easily install them, work on the features, and edit the videos in one go. Let’s talk about some features first.


Storage is an issue thus it is necessary to settle for something that offers extendable memory. With its 1TB storage space already available, you can easily store up to several videos and vlogs. 

Furthermore, it can be easily extended up to 8TBs, which seems promising. It means you can save, edit, cut the videos, and do much more in a long run. For someone new to this vlogging world, I will recommend you to start with this one. Its 16GB RAM is yet an astonishing feature that adds more to its durability and functionality at the same time.

Display and design

Once you look at the 16-inch-wide display, you will be amazed by the retina technology, such that it is easy to handle various tasks at once. 

Besides, Apple has used i9 Core processors in this one. It means it works great without lagging for a bit, offering you to work at multiple tabs. All in all, this one is practical to use, with a heavy-duty workload. 

This one is indeed a steal deal for any vlogger who is looking forward to investing in a great quality laptop.


Interestingly, the Apple MacBook Pro offers thunderbolt ports. Not just one, but there are four ports with USB Type-C ports. 

The engineers have introduced the audio jacks such that it is less irritating and more functional to use.

Its battery claim to last at least 24 hours, offering you to work continuously without any worries. For the ports, this Apple MacBook Pro is praiseworthy.

  • Supports almost every software
  • Lasts long
  • Offers a touch ID
  • A bit pricy

2.Latest_Dell XPS 15

Dell is known for the quality it provides. That is why the company has a huge fanbase and is recommended all over the globe. Not just the body is amazing, I have heard great reviews about the long-lasting and efficient processors. 

Its notable features are:


First, as a vlogger, you must be looking for a high storage device that can store all of your junk files, footages, backups, and much more. Well, buying this one is great because its 8GB standard memory is worth spending your money on. 

As far as the solid-state drive is concerned, it comes with a built-in 256 GB with a Core i9 processor. I am amazed by the 4.1 GHz speed of the laptop, keeping affordability in mind. 

The Dell XPS 15 7590 is there to have your back if you face any hurdles regarding memory and other features. 

Display and design

Moreover, you will love the 15.6 inches HD Display that is made with great care and a sleek design. If you are worried about the durability, then let me assure you that the sturdy built is there to last long. 

What’s more, is that it works on 9th generation processors that are great in terms of efficiency and fast work. When working, you will not face issues regarding the resolution as NVIDIA Force 1650 is there to have your back. 

The camera quality is also nice, along with its 4K HD LCD screen. 


Talking about the ports, it works great by adding more to the compatibility. The USB 3.0 ports are worth the hype, along with its combo jack. That being said, its ergonomic design and the highly portable laptop is my top-pick, specifically for a vlogger. 

The reason for it is the highly durable and sustainable features that are ideal for video editing purposes. Furthermore, the brand has focused on Ethernet, with a prominent SD card slot. There is one Thunderbolt port with HDMI too.

  • Great built quality
  • Offers 4K LCD
  • SD card reader built-in
  • Audio quality is not great

3.Lenovo Legion Y7000

Lenovo is the best choice if you are looking for a budget-friendly product that works great in terms of content creation and video editing. Moreover, the device is from the gaming series of Lenovo.


I7 processor is indeed the first feature I fall in love with. Next comes its 2.4 GHz speed that ensures there are no lagging issues whatsoever. You can either take it up to 4.1 GHz. 

Moreover, you will be getting DDR4 RAM that is unfortunately not upgradable. Although the 128 GB SSD is there to assist you during work, with 8GB RAM. The overall product looks decent and is much practical to carry around at work, or even easy to edit videos.

Display and design

The Lenovo Legion Y7000 Gaming Laptop is made up of plastic, yet it looks glossy. It has one lithium polymer battery and that works for around 9 hours. At first, the 15.6 inches display looks cool, but when you look at the details, the IPS display will surely make you fall in love with the specifications. Although it is made for gaming purposes, it is heavy-duty to use and has a minimal design. 

Well, if you are thinking of installing high-powered software, then I will recommend you to invest in Apple products. Continue reading the article to know more about its ports and pros.


The laptop has a bunch of ports offering connectivity and easy operations. With its USB Type-C port, you can do it all. To assist you more, the company has launched two USB Type-A ports along with a headphone jack. 

Not just it, but the HDMI output is quite good too along with the Lenovo charging port and other necessities. 

Furthermore, the back has that gamer vibe with its red light popping up. It runs through Horizon in an ultra mode of 60fps. You can set the adjustments accordingly. According to the users, the responsive touchpad catches your attention. 

  • Ergonomic design with a robust built and sleek design
  • Provides great performance while handling multiple tasks at once
  • Offers an amazing battery life
  • Does not offer RGB lightings

4.Huawei Matebook 13

As a beginner, I will suggest you to not go for expensive options. Instead, start with something cheaper like Huawei Mate-books. The brand has always amazed customers with new products and amazing customer services and makes to our list of the Best Laptop for Vlogging


The Huawei Matebook 13 signature Edn. laptop works on a fast processor powered by Intel Core. The i7 chip will blow away your mind with its smooth interface and 3.9 GHz faster speed. Indeed, coming from such a brand is amazing, as the Turbo Boost technology works great too.

DDR is the RAM technology used here with amazing 12-hour battery life. As a video editor, it can be a wonderful way to spend your investments. 

Design and display

With great dimensions and a fantastic height of 8.31 inches, Huawei has again won the hearts. Not just it, but the laptop weighs much lesser than the other ones I have discussed earlier, making it much better to take at work, or during your trips. 

You will see the logo at the best center with an amazing black design that looks sleek, and thin. For someone who wants to ask about the resolutions, then they are perfect for everyday work along with its 13 inches display. 


Talking of ports, you have two USB 2.0 Type-C ports. Another great feature is a stylus charging slot along with a charging port. Tilting it a bit, you will see a USB type-A port paired with an HDMI slot. The most astonishing one is its Kensington Lock Slot. 

The same goes for this mate-book that offers minimum strain on the packet, yet tends to deliver an exceptional experience, as depicted by the feedback. In my opinion, the product is a must-buy if you need to use it for content creation. 

Sadly, it does not own a Thunderbolt port, but the audio is great and highly refined.

  • Great quality of material
  • Value for money
  • Wide-angle display
  • Networking may cause an issue

5.HP – Envy x360

Hp needs no introduction. Here, the HP-Envy is particularly designed for such individuals who aim to thrive in the field of video editing and vlogging. 

As a beginner, the terms may seem overwhelming, but giving this one a shot will be worth it, due to its mind-boggling features.


One of the most amazing specifications includes the i7 Intel processor that works great with its Quad-Core technology. With its 8GB RAM size, you will not face issues for quite a long time. Furthermore, the 512 GB space is there to provide you with all the necessities as per your preferences. 

Investing in this product is a great option, as the quality is there to last long. 

Design and display

The body of this laptop is designed with a solid framework and 15.6 inches screen. Thus, you can enjoy more using its convertible version from tablet to laptop. 

The resolutions work pretty fine but there are quite a few options already available in the market when the prices are compared. Interestingly, this one offers a touch display. 


Besides, the laptop works on Windows 10, having various ports both at the right and the left. You will be enjoying the HDMI port with various USB type-C and A ones. There is an SD memory card reader too for your assistance. 

Although it doesn’t offer a backlit keyboard, it feels smooth while typing. Talking about its touchpad, it works fine and responsive too.

  • Quick to charge the laptop
  • Durable keyboard
  • Offers latest Intel WiFi
  • Average battery time

6.2019 Dell Inspiron 15

Again, Dell’s inspiration has made it to the list of the best ones for vlogging due to its extremely absorbent nature. This one is there to save you from all the USBs and Hard Drives such that you will be having all the junk files and important stuff in one place. Let me discuss the Dell Inspiration 15 in detail.


With its Intel Core processor, there is no need to worry about its lagging and lack of power. The i5 processors have built-in memory of at least 12GB that will last for months. Moreover, it is easy to upgrade the RAM or get it replaced if you are facing issues. 

If you are wondering, this one works on Windows 10, and has an SSD card of 512GB, making it much more durable than the other ones. 

Design and display

Dell Inspiration series has focused on launching wider displays and higher resolutions along with great battery life. Here, the display is FHD, with 1080 pixels of resolution, perfect for multitasking. 

The laptop is ultra-light, travel-friendly, and much portable due to its slim body. It weighs just 6.16 pounds. 


Although there is a USB 2.0 port, you will also be getting the HDMI ones to stream online without any hassle. Coming from such a reliable brand, the audio is amazing along with its combo microphone jack. 

The series has introduced the concept of 802.11 ac which allows you to transfer files within seconds. It also offers a webcam. 

  • Ultra-thin and light body
  • Ample space available for usage
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Does not offer much range in regards to the colors

7.Dell Alienware Area 51M

Last, but surely not the least is Dell Alienware Area 51M laptop. Let’s discuss this one in detail to know what’s what.


Well, the touch screen with a durable construction is what I like the most about this one. Made effortlessly, the Dell Alienware is there to offer you remarkable storage. With a spectacular color range, you will love every bit of it. 

The processor is great regardless of its operating system. Intel 9th generation with the fastest 1.3GHz speed works pretty well. It is equipped with a relatively extra capacity of 32GB RAM, the product is ideal for you to rely on. 

Design and display

The thin and portable design lets you carry it whether you are lying in the sofas or taking it to the workplace. 

Especially, the battery life is great and claims to last for 15 hours even if you are working without any break. Also, it is offering the users a huge 17.3 inches display which is worth noticing as well.


This laptop possesses the most recent Intel 802.11ac feature for extra fast transfer at a rate of 1.7 GBPS. 

Furthermore, this one consists of two USB 3.1 ports with an HDMI 2.0 port. You will also be enjoying its mini port. The overwhelming thunderbolt 3 port is there to support USB 3.1 to blow your minds.

  • Offers a backlit keyboard
  • Light in weight and durable design
  • 17.3 inches FHS display
  • Has an average brightness level


I have mentioned all the features, pros, and cons of the best laptop for vlogging. Figuring out the needs is a must, which includes the basic editing software and a great frequency range. It is indeed the best idea to invest in a reliable brand for bulk usage, but you have to choose it accordingly. 

I’ll suggest you read the customer’s reviews before buying one, and it will surely help you. In my opinion, Apple MacBook Pro can be an ideal choice.

 I hope you have enjoyed the article!

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