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Best Laptop for Toddlers IN 2021 | Your Laptop Guide

Do you have toddlers and want to enhance their creative skills? Well, just give them the right gadgets to play with. Toddlers need to have access to toys or art books through which they can enhance their cognitive skills and express their selves in the right way.

With the advancement in technology, things got to change and now you can’t use the same old toys for your toddler. So, this is the need of time that your kid has proper access to technology from an early age and pretend laptops are best for it.

But there is a huge variety of toddler’s laptops available in the market which is overwhelming and leads to confusion for deciding the right constructive toy. After keeping this in view, I have come up with this article for assisting you in purchasing the best laptop for toddlers.

Thus, this article will give you a comprehensive guideline for channeling the energy of your creative little munchkin constructively. Here, I have reviewed the 6 best laptops for toddlers along with detailed information about each product to help you in making the right choice.

1.Leap-Frog My Own Laptop

This laptop is on top of this list as it is specially designed for toddlers to fulfill all of their demands. While using it, they can easily switch between their different modes like number mode, letter mode, and game mode.

Along with providing entertainment, this laptop also helps in teaching them the basic counting skills and right pronunciation. Let’s get familiar with some other amazing features of this laptop.

Attractive Design and Display

This laptop comes in two appealing color combinations which include green & blue and pink & purple. Speaking about its display, its screen is 14 inches and easy to use. Along with having an attractive design, it has a handle which helps you to carry it easily from one place to another.

Easy to Use

No matter how efficient a laptop is, if its functions are difficult to use then it is useless for your toddler. However, LeapFrog my own laptop is easy to use and your kid can quickly learn its functions.

Whether your kid had used a laptop before or not, he can easily use it and will able to learn all of its functions without any difficulty. It starts with number modes and your kid can easily switch between its other modes including letter mode, game mode, etc.

Entertaining Potential

This laptop is intelligently designed to offer a proper set of entertainment to your kid. Also, it has some games which your kid will love to play. Furthermore, it has some pre-installed songs which can improve the mood of your kid and they can do more fun while using it.

Unique Feature

Moreover, the amazing feature about this laptop is that it helps your kid in learning things easily and not all toddlers’ laptop has this feature. 

And this is what the leapfrog laptop does as when you press the letter keys, it gives their right pronunciation and the same is the case with numbers keys. Also, it has a puppy on display which provides the right instructions to your kid for easy learning.

  • Appealing design
  • Easy to use
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Provide both education and entertainment
  • The display could be better
  • Needs protection from falling

2.VTech Tote and Go Laptop

Next on the list is VTech Tote and Go Laptop which is designed with great effort to offer the distinctive feature. Besides, its price is affordable as compared to the quality it offers and overall, it is best for toddlers.

All of these will feature help your kid in learning the basic skills of spelling, counting, etc.

Attractive Design and Display

This laptop has an amazing display and its significant feature is that you can customize its screen with the name, age, and favorite things of your kid. Furthermore, to introduce basic mouse skills, it comes with a mouse and keyboard.

Hence, your kid can easily switch between different functions and can play games on it. Its wonderful orange color perfectly aligns with the aesthetic sense of your kid. 

Easy to Use

One of the most impressive features of this laptop is that it gradually increases the level of difficulty which helps your kid in learning things easily according to their capacity. Hence, it is easy to use and your toddler can quickly learn its functions.

Also, it has 5 various categories of 3 to 5 activities including music, numbers & shapes, animals & foods, letters & words, and logical games.

Entertaining Potential

Your kid can play different music on it including rock, jazz, and other melodies of country. VTech Tote and Go Laptop help your kids to show their creative skills as it allows them to play different music by choosing the sounds of their own choice.

This laptop has a different exercise for helping your kid in learning and spelling letters. Also, it has some games for teaching your kid about colors and some basic shapes. Moreover, five games are installed into it for introducing basic counting and mathematics to toddlers.

Unique Feature

Other than that, it helps your kid in differentiating between fruits and vegetables. There are three animals on its screen through which your kid will able to find them and their sounds easily. Also, its logical games, puzzles, and problem-solving boost up the critical thinking of your child.

  • Affordable price
  • Progressive learning
  • More than 20 learning modes
  • Material is non-toxic
  • Durable build quality
  • Screen lacks backlit

3.Discovery Kids Tech ‘n’ Laptop

With its aesthetic pink color, standard keyboard, large LCD, and wonderful learning features, it is one of the best kid’s laptops on this list. Furthermore, Discovery kinds Tech ‘n’ Talk 

Also, discovering laptops resemble real laptops gives your kids a feeling that they have grown up so, they will happily use them.

Attractive Design and Display

This laptop comes in a beautiful pink finish that can match with the color of your kid’s accessories including dresses, shoes, school bags, and other things. Not to mention, that pink color is attractive, especially if you have a little girl, she will love to use it so, what else you could ask for?

Easy to Use

It’s easy to use keys helps your kid in typing fast and he/she can quickly learn how to type. The discovery exploration laptop is wireless so children can easily carry it and even can take it out of the home on trips without any difficulty. 

exploration laptop is loaded with a lot of features to keep your kid engaged for long durations. 

The plus point of this laptop is that, it can bear abuse against damage and pressure, hence it lasts longer.

Entertaining Potential

Undoubtedly, entertainment is a necessity for kids and discovery clearly understands this need that’s why it added entertainment too in this laptop. For making your kid happy, it includes music with which your kids can uniquely express their selves by playing with a different sound.

Moreover, the keyboard of this laptop is of standard size which helps your kid to learn things effectively.

Unique Feature

Hence, the main issue with most of the kid’s laptops is that these have a fragile structure that is prone to breakage but this laptop has a compact structure. This means that it’s durable, can bear pressure, and hence, you can handover it to your kid without any worries.

Furthermore, it has math games which will help your kid in learning the basic calculations. To innovate their creative and cognitive skills, it also has multiple word puzzles.

  • Easy in use
  • Contains a lot of games
  • Have a real mouse and keyboard
  • Equipped with 60 learning activities
  • Screen is small
  • Difficult to use in a dark room

4.Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Click & Learn Laptop

Want a kid-friendly and long-lasting laptop? Fisher price laugh & learn & learn laptop is one which you need as it is by one of the top brands that satisfy their customers with their quality laptops throughout the world.

Speaking about its multiple features, it has ABC and 123 button keys which helps your kid in learning spelling as well as numbers easily. Along with having a color flipper and creative shapes, it also has other interesting features like a roller bar and emojis slider.

Attractive Design and Display

This laptop will not disappoint you because it is attractive and designed uniquely. The display of fisher price laughs & learns laptop is good and it also has a big chat window. The other features of this laptop like the hash-tag button and emojis slider make it loveable.

Easy to Use

Buttons are easy to understand hence, your kid can quickly learn to use them.  Besides, its color display is vivid and doesn’t create any trouble in the eyes of your children. In short, it’s a great product for its price with its special features and entertainment value.

Entertaining Potential

When you play music on this laptop, its colorful light dance and flick around which give it a bezel display? Furthermore, the laptop has more than 40 songs which keep your kid entertained and he/she won’t feel bored while using it.

With its small size, this laptop is perfect for the use of toddlers. Fisher price toys are specially made for toddlers and pre-school kids and their amazing features help your kid at each age and stage.

Unique Feature

For assisting your child in conversations, it has a cute puppy on-screen that will teach them how to type properly. And this will not only increase the convenience of using this laptop but also helps in keeping the kid engaged for a long time.

Besides, it’s wonderful learning features teaches your kid how to speak properly and help them in efficiently learning phrases, counting as well as alphabets. So, your kid will have command on speaking a language in a better way from a younger age.

  • Colorful and dancing lights
  • Affordable price
  • Better value
  • Additional features like emojis slider
  • The screen makes no sounds

5.Disney Princess Girls Play Laptop Computer Style

As the name indicates, this laptop is specifically designed for little girls and can keep them engage for long hours. With its impressive features, Disney princess girls play laptop computer style is the best choice for your little doll.

Let’s come to the specifications of this Best Laptop for Toddlers

Attractive Design and Display

Generally, girls are more conscious about the colors and appearance of the products hence, their requirements are different from boys. Keeping this in mind, Disney came up with this laptop which not only has an attractive design but also loaded with inspiring features.

Besides, this laptop has a very low price so, if you want to give your girl a good quality kid’s laptop for playing but don’t have enough dollars to spend then don’t worry. 

Easy to Use

This is very basic, easy to use, and best for those toddlers who are not yet familiar with any of the modern word toys. Buttons are convenient and the background can also easily change by double sliding its screen.

Also, three-button batteries are required for this laptop which comes along with it. Overall, it is the best choice for kids of 3+ years.

Entertaining Potential

Moreover, when you press its buttons, it lightens up which gives it a wonderful appearance. Hence, its pretty looks will completely attract your toddler and she will be entertained by it for a long time. 

Also, its Disney princess style is perfectly aligned with the goals of modern girls and she will love to play with it.

Unique Feature

When your toddler plays with this laptop, its keys make sound and it gives your kid a feel like they are using a real laptop. Other than that, you can change its background when you want to and this feature is not available in much other kid’s toys.

Although, this laptop doesn’t have any features for learning letters, numbers, or counting, and neither it has any logical game. But it is designed by keeping in view the aesthetic sense of girls so they love to play with it and sometimes even pose like they are teaching, which enhances their teaching skills.

  • Cheap price
  • Disney princess style
  • Keys make a sound on pressing
  • Changeable background
  • Easy to use
  • Very basic laptop
  • Don’t contain letter and number keys

6.ToToys Magnetic Alphabet Letters and Numbers Laptop

If you are the kind of parent who is more conscious about kid’s studies from an early age then consider this laptop as it is best for pre-school kids. Furthermore, Totoys magnetic alphabet letters and numbers laptop is a perfect combination of magnetic letters and numbers.

Also, this laptop looks like a notebook and comes in pre-school black board which will make your kid super excited to use it.

Attractive Design and Display

In appearance, it looks like an original laptop and has an appealing design. Along with a magnetic screen, it has picture cards and some samples of calculations which will greatly inspire your kid for learning new things.

Easy to Use

Once your kid gets familiar with its number and letter buttons then he/ she can easily use it without anyone’s help. It also has a small sponge with its chalk so; your kid can have fun while using these new tools.

It is an educational laptop that helps your kid in building their vocabulary and improves their spelling skills. Also, it’s wonderful and versatile features make learning more fun for your toddler.

Entertaining Potential

Along with learning, a magnetic laptop also keeps your child entertained as they can easily switch between playing through numbers/letters and writing with chalk. Furthermore, its magnetic numbers and keys could easily store in its on-the-go wooden notebook.

Moreover, your kids can easily carry it with them during tours or small trips. Its storage box is strong so it’s not prone to breakage hence, it can be used for a longer time as compare to those light laptop toys which are broken easily.

Unique Feature

This laptop is very versatile and designed in a way that your children can combine the first word or letter with other numbers and letters. The unique feature of this magnetic laptop is that your kid can also write on its directly by using chalk that comes along with it.

Furthermore, this laptop could be used as a teaching tool for toddlers as it helps them to improve their counting and spelling skills. Needless to say, that these wonderful activities can hold the attention of your kid for a long-span.

  • Magnetic screen
  • Notebook style
  • Best for pre-school kids
  • Contain magnetic number and letter keys
  • Have an on-the-go storage box
  • Doesn’t contain songs


As you know that the toddlers absorb everything which happens around them like a sponge and that’s why it is essential to give them the best version of everything. Now a lot of toddler’s toys are available in the market and this article will help you in choosing the Best Laptop for Toddlers.

Although all the products are best in terms of quality and performance among all, I suggest Disney Princess Girls Play Laptop Computer Style as the best performing machine. 

I hope this article will guide in choosing the right toy for your little one and if you still have any query, feel free to ask. 

Moreover, share this article, and don’t forget to give your valuable feedback.

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