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Top 8 Best Laptop for Bookkeeping IN 2021 | Your Laptop Guide

Bookkeeping, commonly known as accounting or keeping records is a vital aspect of every business, irrespective of its scale. Not just business, but it’s essential for students in helping and assisting them in their studies. 

Back in the era when there weren’t any electronic devices, bookkeeping was a difficult task to attain, indeed. As the world modernized, laptops came into being for multipurpose tasks, such as bookkeeping. The question here arises, which is the best laptop for bookkeeping?

So, to let you know, you’ve certainly at the right place. With the help of this read, you’ll get to know what features do these laptops for bookkeeping have. Besides, you’ll get the know-how of other traits too. 

A must-have trait of the laptop is a powerful yet compact structure. It should operate different accounting software for multiple calculations and data management. Moreover, a fast processor is vital in running various browser tabs at once without any glitches. 

For your help, this read’s here. Let’s go through it in detail.

1.Asus ZenBook 14 Ultra-Slim Laptop

Let’s start the list with the laptop by Asus. As the name says, this is an ultra-slim Asus Zenbook, one of the slimmest laptops for accounting, currently available in the market. 

Despite being the slimmest laptop, it doesn’t compromise on quality and durability. This ultra-modern laptop is known for, its sleek and compact layout and secures a 10/10 for its portability.

Powerful Processors

It’s operated on Intel i7-105010U processor that supports all kinds of heavy software systems needed for accounting purpose. These commanding processors come along with a 16GB RAM for software storage purpose. 

That is the reason behind this Asus ZenBook 14 being an ideal option for many budding accountants as well as professionals around the world.

Graphics & Memory

It has the most reliable graphics card, Nvidia GeForce MX250 GPU, which enables multitasking function alongside bookkeeping. Besides, you can also run high-end games without worrying about the laptop getting overheated.

Other than that, the 512GB of SSD memory unit can accommodate QuickBooks, TurboCASH, and various accounting systems. 

Overall Performance

That includes a bright display with a resolution of 1080 pixels providing a large and clear view. The battery unit has a life of 8-10 hours, appropriate for accounting and other tasks. 

Moreover, a comfortable keyboard ensuring fast typing and a variety of all necessary ports seem ideal to seal the deal. Besides, the backlit keys best for a dim-light environment are a cherry on top!

  • Excellent RAM and processor
  • Multipurpose screen pad 2.0
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Aids multitasking and heavy graphics apps
  • Low heating processors
  • Heavy on pocket
  • Average battery life
  • Monotonous design

2.2020 HP Pavilion 15.6 Inch FHD

Next on the list is a touchscreen laptop by a well-known tech company, HP. The Hp has over the years, gained customer satisfaction by providing them with the best business laptops for multiple usages. 

This one’s a part of the best laptops offering work-centric performance for intensive applications to run effortlessly. Moreover, portability and other traits are sufficient to satisfy bookkeeping requirements. 

Powerful Processors

The HpPavillion comes with the 10th gen i7-1065G7 speedy processor. It’s fast and capable enough of operating the heaviest of applications and various software used for accounting

Besides, people opt for this one as their 32 GB RAM provides massive storage. Moreover, it operates multiple browsers at once, that too, without any glitches and errors. 

Graphics & Memory

This laptop comes packed with an integrated Iris plus GPU alongside by 12GB of RAM for massive storage space. The processor, when turbocharged up to 3.9GHz, handles demanding software for accounting and side by side, fulfils computational needs.

For me, this laptop steals the show with its excellent stats.

Overall Performance

This sleek laptop is extremely portable and will be your best travel companion as it weighs only 4.25 pounds. It features a 15.6-inches display with a picture resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. 

Besides, 8-hour battery life ensures uninterrupted accounting sessions even during a power outbreak. Moreover, it comes with a USB mouse and a couple of connectivity options for different purposes. Lastly, a backlit keyboard provides an optimal typing experience. 

  • Lightweight and portable built
  • A wide array of ports
  • Large screen and vibrant display
  • Strong processor and RAM
  • Speedy performance
  • Uninteresting design
  • Average battery life’s inadequate

3.2020 Lenovo Premium ThinkPad E590

After that, comes a Lenovo laptop, one of the latest products of their line, launched this year. This Lenovo Premium ThinkPad has an aesthetic design which feels ergonomic and side by side, delivers high-portability. 

It features a decent display, trackpad and keypad, suitable for diverse accounting functions and requirements. Let’s get onto the details of its specifications.

Powerful Processors

This device is proficient to run and handle demanding computational requirements. It is capable of being a perfect company for an accounting professional, with the courtesy of its quad-core i7 processor. 

Additionally, it has a turbo-boosted clock with 4.6GHz speed, decked along 8MB of cache, allowing multiple bookkeeping software units to run side by side.

Graphics & Memory

Outstanding graphics support is dependent on operating accounting tools load and render data. For this cause, this laptop has integrated UHD graphics that provide adequate assistance for the processing and rendering of graphics and data, respectively. 

Besides, the dual-storage system consists of a 256GB SSD and a 500GB HDD providing ample space for accounting data as well as for student assignments.

Overall Performance

In relevance to its display, it has a bright 15.6-inch HD screen flaunting impressive viewing angles. It’s operated on a 3-cell battery structure that has 8 hours of backup. 

In addition to that, the collection of ports is more or less, similar to others. Whereas, it houses a decent webcam for any purpose, be it professional, personal or academic. 

  • More than adequate storage space
  • Impressive display screen
  • Sharp and wide-viewing angles
  • Optimum processors
  • Numerous ports and productive slots
  • Repetitive design and layout
  • Below-average battery performance

4.Lenovo Flex 5 81CA001WUS

Students, as well as accountants, look for portable and convertible devices, as the usage becomes limitless. Vibrant display and touchscreen too, are a part of this requirement, and so, this Lenovo Flex 5 81CA001WUS fits like a puzzle to fulfil your needs. 

This 2-in-1 laptop has a sturdy built adding in, to the durability of the product, rather than enhancing its look.

Powerful Processors

Being a convertible laptop doesn’t affect its processing powers as it functions very well. Operating on 8th gen Intel Core i5-8250U processor, it ensures that the bookkeeping software runs without lags or occasional glitches.

Besides, it runs most of the accounting software, still, lacks running graphically-intensive tasks. 

Graphics & Memory

The processor, in coherence with, 8 GB of RAM and Integrated GPU operates as the workhorse. It runs adequate applications as well as gaming software at once. 

Besides, the advanced 512GB solid-state storage drive provides data storage and supports speedy data storage side by side. This processor and memory are sufficient for managing accounts being a student and a professional too.

Overall Performance

The battery time of this convertible is adequate to provide students for work use. It remains consistent even during electrical breakouts; therefore improving its productivity.

Moreover, it has a decent selection of USB and HDMI connections, an HD webcam with a built-in microphone and further, for multitasking purposes.  

  • Eminent display
  • Touchscreen support
  • High processing power
  • Stores large files and accounting software
  • Excellent battery life
  • Affordable pricing
  • No optical drive
  • Graphics card doesn’t support heavy games

5.2020 HP EliteBook 850 G6

Also in these recommendations, is an HP Elitebook, for bookkeeping and other purposes. It’s packed along with outstanding features, required for day-to-day usage. 

This laptop is an appropriate choice for those professionals, who prefer specs over the looks. And, for those who don’t want to try out innovations of the tech market, such as convertibles, etc.

Powerful Processors

Hp offers enriched processors as their main component to provide world-class speed and smooth workflow. The processing components include a powerful Intel Core i5-8250U processor along with 8GB of RAM storage for speedy data reading and transfer. 

The consolidated GPU works as it should, whereas the quad-core chipset provides power-efficient processing quality for accounting software. 

Graphics & Memory

This HP EliteBook operates on Intel UHD Graphics 620, commonly found on CPU models and is similar to HD Graphics 620. This graphics card allows playing games in low settings and resolutions alongside bookkeeping software. 

Other than that, it has a 256GB SSD unit, for saving and reading, files and documents, at a faster rate than the regular HDD unit. 

Overall Performance

The offered battery time of this laptop is around 10 hours, allowing usage for a long time without plugging in. Besides, the 15.6-inch display provides an anti-glare screen along with Windows 10 Professional to make it more interactive for professional use. 

Moreover, the dual speakers supported by Bang & Olufsen technology provide 3D audio coverage, for acoustic performance. 

An HD webcam, a backlit keyboard, and numerous functional ports seem perfect to close the deal. 

  • Power efficient and speedy chipset
  • Notable battery backup
  • Bright and clear display
  • Interactive operating platform
  • Tedious layout
  • Average computer memory

6.Acer Swift 3 Thin & Light Laptop

This time, it’s an Acer laptop with the name, Swift 3. It’s an ideal choice for active users s it’s highly durable and portable. The features that make it portable are it being lightweight structure with a thin bezel display. 

Being a portable laptop doesn’t affect its quality and looks as if, been tailored to fulfil bookkeeping needs. 

Powerful Processors

Operated on a 2020 Ryzen Processor, it offers speedy performance to prepare QuickBooks, as well as running large databases as rapid as a NotePad. The noticeable spec is the turbo mode which increases the frequency to 4.1 GHz makes this device, a determined splurge for accounting purposes.

For this reason, customers are pleased with this Acer Swift 3 and therefore, rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Graphics & Memory

It has Intel Ultra HD Graphics to provide exceptional performance for handling accounting databases and software as well as for gaming purpose too. Having 8 GB of RAM, it efficiently operates multimedia content creation and editing of other data. 

Moreover, it works without any errors to ensure a smooth workflow for operating bookkeeping software.

Overall Performance

The exceptional design includes its lightweight chassis with its 14-inch IPS FHD display for portraying clear and high-quality visuals. With the built-in assistant, you can order the laptop do the work on its own. 

Other perks that come along are backlit keyboard, fingerprint reader, spacious storage and most importantly, the affordable tagged price. 

Overall, this laptop seems an excellent pick for accounting as well as other causes too.

  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Very reasonable for an Ultrabook
  • Powerful processing components
  • Sleek structure with decent aesthetics
  • Intuitive User-Interface
  • Speakers are average
  • Not great for gaming

7.Acer Swift 5 Intel Evo

Second last on the list, and second by Acer is this thin and lightweight laptop suitable for bookkeeping purpose. The Acer Swift 5 has features and specifications similar to its previous version, that’s the one mentioned above. 

Let’s move onto the details to know the similarities and differences between the two models of Acer.

Powerful Processors

Unlike the last one, this has a brand-new 11th-generation Intel Core processor. It offers high speeds of up to 1TB to maximize on every task and enjoy an effortless workflow. 

Besides, numerous modes cool the processors to tailor the noise of fans, ensuring calm work ambience. 

Graphics & Memory

The Nvidia GeForce MX350 graphics comes along this laptop and makes it worthy of being suitable for accounting. It’s because the GPU makes it possible to experience fair computing speeds for running demanding software used for bookkeeping. 

Also, it keeps dual heat pipes cool while being under pressure of the accounting workflow. The memory it offers is 1TB of SSD space for saving and editing of accounting documents and data.

Overall Performance

The light, modern, thin, and high-grade aluminium chassis is the main element in making its look premium and elegant. Besides, the touchscreen display covered in highly durable Antimicrobial Corning glass. 

Moreover, its high power battery is capable of running this for 17 hours while the charging time’s only 4 hours 30 mins. Isn’t that great? It also has all essential connectivity ports required for bookkeeping and other tasks. 

  • Thin, light and stylish
  • Suitable for classrooms and small offices
  • Ideal selection of ports
  • Exceptional performance and battery life
  • Rich hues to choose from
  • Heavy on pocket
  • Lacks SD card reading port

8.Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Last on the list, and the wisest choice of all is this convertible by Microsoft Office. These 2-in-1 devices not considerable from being a suitable device for accounting, whereas, this is an exception. 

Bookkeeping is now simplified with this device, as it defines new levels of speed and accuracy for multiple purposes. Let’s move on to a detailed review of this convertible.

Powerful Processors

It has 10th gen Intel Core processors, appropriate for operating most accounting data and software smoothly. However, other versions fall ahead of this version as this one falls short of many other features in comparison to its previous version. 

Whereas, the processors it has, are sufficient for various accounting purpose as well as low-level gaming. 

Graphics & Memory

It comes along integrated graphics which are Intel UHD Graphics as well as Intel Iris Plus Graphics providing excellent GPU performance. It ensures high-end and an accurate speed for completing flawlessly. 

Besides, the memory storage it provides is as follows: 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB LPDDR4x RAM. This much storage is adequate for saving and running accounting data.

Overall Performance

The salient feature of this Microsoft Surface Pro, that stands out is the 2-in-1 feature that makes it portable and provides a user-friendly interface. The 12.3-inch screen fits various apps in it and is appropriate for multitasking. 

Besides, it has all essential ports required for daily browsing as well as multitasking purpose. It has 10.5-hour battery time when charged fully, at once. The lightweight property comes in hand when using it away from home or any other remote place.

  • Ultrafast Intel Core 10th Gen processor
  • Lithium battery for 10.5-hour battery life
  • Portable and convertible
  • Affordable pricing
  • Customer service is satisfactory


That was it regarding the best laptops for bookkeeping purpose. Above mentioned products were the ones that stood out for me. The main reason was their fast processors, accompanied by high storage options.

Bookkeeping is a difficult task but is simplified using the appropriate device. So, my advice is to choose wisely and accordingly. 

I hope this read turns out beneficial for you. If so, please let me know.

Till then, happy accounting!

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