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Top 8 Best Laptop for Beginners | Your Laptop Guide

Are you one of those casual users interested in investing in one of the best laptops? Well, buying a laptop can be a great thought as it adds more to the functionality and quick access to the documents.

As you know, because of their portability and frame speeds, the industry has a lot of laptops that can assist you as the game plays or do the job easily.

A lightweight laptop with great specs and features can always be a perfect choice. It has a sleek look that saves a lot more as compared to the PC. What’s more exciting than having the whole machine with you?

Moreover, there are a lot of models available with exceptional quality and performance. Some of them offer near-premium build features which include a low-power and supreme-quality display. Besides, they have vast storage and a fast processor too. It all depends on who you are and what you need in a laptop that you’ll have to use.

Thus, the best laptop for beginners is listed below and rated according to their display, prices, compatibility, models, graphics, and performance.

1.Google Pixelbook Go

First comes the Google Pixel-Book-Go which has always been the most popular one in the world of laptops. Not just it is light-weighted and slim, but a smartly designed laptop of 2020. 

Being highly affordable and having a long-lasting battery, it is among the best ones to choose from. With this laptop, you don’t need to work on its compatibility and look for much of the specifications. From its operating system, along with the battery timings, it is a great choice. 

Operating system

Google Pixel-book Go laptop comes with an advanced Intel processor having the 8th generation Intel core. It allows your computer to run smoothly without lagging. It preserves your time and keeps you from cursing your laptop system every other minute for running slow!

Moreover, the most recent and up-to-date version, Windows 10, is the suitable operating system for this laptop. It betters your laptop efficiency and high functionality. 

Battery life

For people who spend many hours, not near a charging socket, this long-lasting laptop battery will surely be one of the best features. 12 uninterrupted hours will let you work, travel or attend meetings and conferences without buzzing you with the ‘low battery sign’.

The wide display will let you enjoy movies, videos, or review presentations with maximum resolution.

Body and design

Thus, the slim and smartly designed body makes it not only lightweight but also better looking. The aesthetic appeal of technical devices is essential such as color and design. 

Also, it includes many advanced features that allow you to work, watch videos, or play games with ease. Its improved browser lets you access a wide range of content.

  • Easy to carry
  • Comfortable built
  • Provides uncompromising performance
  • Does not offer a biometric login

2.New Apple MacBook Air

Apple is one of the most reliable and high-end laptop brands out there as it is trusted for its efficiency and durability. It never fails to capture your sight with its conventional and elegant designs.

Now, after talking about its body, let’s look deep into its soul and find out what other unique features of this laptop.

Operating system

Surely, you will be surprised by the fact that this New Apple MacBook Air device is there to ease your worries and hassled workload. With its amazing 8-core GPU, you can do it all. What’s more, is that the 16- core neutral engine works great for almost everyone out there. 

Moreover, FaceTime, HD camera, and the amazing touchpad will blow away your mind due to its functionality and amazing design.

Battery life

Besides the fact that you won’t be having any lagging issues, this laptop tends to provide you with amazing battery life. Not just it is great for beginners, but you can do heavy-duty work with this one too.

The battery timing looks promising, as per the customer reviews.

Body and design

Talking of display, this device is unbeatable. With the amazing 13 inches HD display, you will be amazed by the sharp pixels it is offering. That being said, the MacBook is designed using discrete GPU along with 8GB memory, making it easier for you to work at multiple browsers.

I love the resolutions offered here, with a quality display. Thus, opting for this one will be a smart choice. The IPS display is 2560×1600 which is far above the average laptop’s resolution.

  • High on storage
  • Provides advanced security
  • Offers a powerful processor
  • Quite expensive to use

3.Acer Swift 3,

Next comes another competitive brand in the market that is known for producing the customer approved products. The main focus is to satisfy the customer’s needs by providing them with the necessities they might look for in the ideal laptop

Acer Swift 3 is one of those laptops that have amazed the users with the features. Pondering upon the details, I should state the most amazing features first.

Operating system

In this fast era of modernization and innovation, it is dreary to wait for things on your PCs or laptops to load. I am sure that you will never enjoy working on a slow system. Hence, you would be glad because this laptop is your savior. It possesses 10th generation Intel cores and cutting-edge Intel processors.

Furthermore, it runs smoothly without lagging so you can have one less problem to tackle. 

Battery life

While talking about its battery life, it’s worth mentioning that you will not regret your choice later on. Why? It is because the Acer laptop’s high-quality battery life along with the memory improves its performance capacity. 

Moreover, it boosts the ability to transfer data to the processor of your laptops. In this way, it will let your laptop to have high functionality and enhanced abilities.

Body and design 

Do you know what will be clearer than the blue sky on a sunny day? 1080p display resolution of your Acer’s laptop screen. It provides you with a full HD experience to easily view your lectures, work presentations, or watch movies and enjoy popcorns with friends.

Also, it includes Windows 10 as the operating system with its up-to-the-minute features. I will recommend you to go for this one if you are looking for a laptop with a smooth design and enhanced productivity.

  • Offers a fingerprint reader
  • Windows 10 Home available
  • Has a great memory
  • The backlit keyboard may give you a tough time

4.New Dell XPS 15

While looking for a laptop, it’s important to know what is the need behind buying yourself the best device as a beginner. Hence, if you’re getting a laptop for casual web surfing then you should be good with a low-priced one. In this regard, I will suggest you go for New Dell XPS 15 9500. 

Not just it fits just according to your budget and the range, but it is there to support you while you’re handling some other stuff. 

Operating system

Powered with Intel Core 10th generation, it is there to stay long. It means that you do not need to go for something else once bought this Quad-core processor. If you are still concerned, then let me tell you that the processor’s speed is 2.2 GHz.

Battery life

As claimed by the manufacturers, Dell made it with great care in terms of battery and the graphics. With its 13 hours long-lasting battery life, you can work for hours without even worrying about the charger. 

Whether you are thinking to stream on Netflix, or watch a few YouTube videos, it can be your go-to option.

Body and Design 

Don’t get me started with Dell’s display and screen size. The 15-inch screen gives the feel of a home theatre while you are using it. Whereas the body is not too thin, or thick, such that the power machine is there to assist you during work.

Hence, 1920×1200 is the standard screen resolution for this laptop. Even if you are a beginner, this resolution is perfect for you.

  • Thin and light in weight
  • Carbon fiber palm rest
  • Comes with a built-in lid sensor
  • Webcam quality is not great

5.HP Elite Dragonfly Notebook PC

Fifth on the list and another great laptop as a beginner are the HP Elite Dragonfly Notebook PC.

Operating system

For someone who has been looking for a laptop that does not lag, so that you can work on multiple tabs at once, this one should be your top pick. The reason for this is the Intel i7 8665U operating processor that works great. 

Not just it, but the three-year warranty is yet there to amaze you. With that being said, you can ask the staff or the retailer for further queries.

Battery life

The battery life is to die for. I will suggest you opt for this one as you can also make the most of its 5G connectivity. The reflect technology with the most amazing built, costs less while providing you with the best features.

What I liked the most about this one is the 11-hour battery capacity.

Body and design

This laptop’s design is perfect for any beginner who is looking for a little work to be done. Its Aluminum made solid and robust body is there to provide you with comfort. 

Besides, the processor works great and is light in weight as well. You will not need to think about its portability and the dimensions, as it is perfect for everyone.

  • Offer several ports
  • Has a fingerprint enabled
  • Provides a great and responsive keyboard
  • Does not offer much privacy options

6.Asus Chromebook

Asus is the brand of choice for all beginners in this era. Well, if you are someone who does not want to spend much on a laptop, then this could be a steal deal for you. 

Operating system

This laptop by Asus is thin and light-weight.  The Asus Chromebook 15.6 comes with a 2.4 GHz Intel Core processor with an additional inter dual Quad-Core processor too.  It has an LCD of 15.6″ and a screen resolution of 1366×768 pixels. The installed operating system is Windows 10.

Battery life

No doubt, the better the battery life, the more versatile product is. Not just that the product is sleek, unique, and beautifully engineered. The long battery life is great for everyday use. The device works well even if you charge the battery for a few hours so that you can make the most out of it.

In my opinion, it is a must-buy, and worth the money you are spending on a laptop.

Body and design

Moreover, the lightweight and delicate body of this laptop provide impeccable performance and portability. I enjoyed the wider angles due to its IPS display. Using the HDMI connection, you can output video to any other device such as a TV or a projector. 

The screen also has multi-point support and a fingerprint reader. This is indeed the best one available in the market today.

  • A powerful machine
  • Sleek and outclass design
  • Effective for portable computing
  • Battery drains too fast

7.Lenovo ThinkPad E14

Lenovo is known for adding new features with every model it comes up with. This product is not only the right choice, but it lasts so long as well. Specifically, the operating system is excellent, and there to provide you with the best experience.

Operating system 

Lenovo ThinkPad E14 is one of my favorites as it offers Microsoft Office Home built-in so you will not need to require any assistance in this regard. 

The 10th generation Intel Core i7 is one of the best features for this one. 

Battery life

What’s more, is that the battery life is exceptional. Either you need to go out for work, or enjoy watching movies. This one is there to have your back. Thus, you don’t need to work on the battery and its charging. 

Well, as far as reliability is concerned, the product is great if you are working outdoors or want to travel with friends. 

Body and design

The superior and innovative design will blow your minds. If you are ready to invest in a product that has all you need, then nothing could be better than this one. 

Thus, the 14 inches wide display looks great with a resolution of 1920×1080. Its mic is Skype certified so you don’t have to double-check the details as well.

  • Amazingly weighs less
  • Comes with 30 days refund policy
  • Has a wonderful design
  • Storage is an issue

8.Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 

Quite interestingly, Microsoft always comes up with the most effortless designs and features in a laptop. It is one of those brands that is known for producing high-quality products, as per your preferences. The company has launched several other models but this one has to be my favourite of all the Best Laptop for Beginners

According to the needs, and modern requirements, the Microsoft surface laptop 3 can be your priority if you are looking for one. Having a look at the details will not harm, so let’s get started.

Operating system

Microsoft is the brand of choice for every expert out there in the market. The teams at Microsoft are responsible for researching the new technologies they can provide to the people of new generations. The same goes for the operating system that is powered by Ryzen 7 2700U. 

Also, the solid-state hard drive interface has caught my attention at the first sight and surely is a reason you should buy this one.

Battery life

This version is designed to be resistant to almost everything. Be it traveling, office work, or home chores, it is there to provide you a solid 13 hours battery life which is great. Even if you are away, this one ensures you to provide at least an hour of stand-by timings. Isn’t it great already?

Body and design

Therefore, it provides the authenticity, functionality, and fast work needed to boost up the productivity thousandfold, at an economical price. Being one of the most innovative products launched by this brand, Microsoft takes care of a sleek and lightweight design such that it does not irritate the customers. 

  • Sturdy and robust construction
  • Provides cost-saving features in the long run
  • Compatible to use
  • Average audio quality


Laptops were replaced by PCs very long ago, due to their design and portability, they are widely used in offices, homes, and for gaming. I think that investing in one should be done very carefully. 

Moreover, I have tried my best to enlist all possible options for you to make that smart choice. While doing the research, no compromise was made on the quality. I only included reliable brands that I trust for the best laptop for beginners.

I hope this article helped you to choose the best-required product. Leave your precious reviews in the comment section.

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